Dalhalla i Dalarna – Sweden

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Dalhalla i Dalarna

Picture: Visitsweden  http://norge.visitsweden.com/aktivitet/dalarna-dalhalla/

Do you have tried to be to a concert in a meteor crater before? In Sweden, Dalarna, they have made a special concert place, you must see and experience this beautiful and amazing place. I was going there one of the many times, I have been in Sweden with my family. I would defiantly go there again, at time, we didn’t hear music, but it was worth to just see the nature and go around in the place. So, next time I go there I would buy a ticket to a play. It is out in the middle of nowhere Dalhalla is the meteor crater is surrounded of forest. You are parking the car at the top and going down. Then you come down you will see this very blue water there is on the bottom of the place. The concert area is made, so you are sitting in front of the scene with no roof over you. It is descripted to be an International arena to play at and one of the most beautiful outdoor concert place in Europe.



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