Sweden – Trollvegen in Idre

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Trollvegen in Idre

Do you want to try to get a car to drive up at the mountain automatically? There is something magical over it and it is a bit crazy at the same time. So, if you think it sounds too good to be real, you should try it. There is some places in the world, where there is some magnetic areas and one of them is in Sweden. I have tried it, and it is so difficult to understand it is real. You are driving in your car at this mountain and a special place, you can place the car and then you let the car be in neutral position, the car is beginning to drive up at the mountain and not down. So you will get this feeling that not right, normally it would go down? So how can this happen? And the answer is because some places in the world is magnetic, but it is just few in the world.


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