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Magic place of Camden


Ever wanted to visit the busy wizard street from the Harry Potter univers, but you know, for grown ups instead? Camden is the place to visit.

Just north of the incredible London, full off all the tourist have-to-se-places, you find Camden Town. Here you will literally find everything you could ever need, and some stuff too you didn’t know you needed before you saw them. A lot of people already know the Camden Marked, which is a nice, but Camden have so much more to offer you if you dare to get a little lost in this part of town!
You will find everything you heart could desire, hard core techno shops that sells Ledsigned clothing (If you need to go to a rave, or just make a hell of a fashion statement), you will even find circus equipment (50 shades darker just had its premiere, maybe you are feeling adventures). No matter what you will discover, find or buy Camden is definitely going to be the trip worthy of your time. And do not worry, because you will be able to get a cup of coffee or something to eat to here.

Maybe you are feeling a bit thirstier after a whole day full of great impressions, no worry! This side of town is great for pub crawling as a warm up before you hit the nightlife of London again. Just remember to get the last bus out.


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